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HeadShed Exfoliating scrub 5oz

Exfoliator. It's the newest rage. Used as a preshave, this creamy buttery HeadShed really works because of the fine ground walnut shells. Smells like a cross between cookie dough and cocoa butter. Used a few times a week, this will take off dead skin and preps for a great shave and help keep your skin smooth. Great for all genders.  Use it on your face to help remove blocked pores around your nose area, or to exfoliate those rougher elbows.  Not just for HeadShavers to use!  A fun body scrub. It rocks!! 

NOTE: Because of its thick texture, HeadShed cannot be used with the lotion pump.

Comes in 5oz bottle

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***AVERTISSEMENT D'ALLERGIE:  Peut contenir des noix

***ALLERGY ALERT:  Contains nuts***