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HeadWipes are back! But in a VERY LIMITED STOCK.  

for that cool, calm and collected feeling

As headshavers we understand that having great head consists of three distinct phases; pre-shave conditioning, shave regiment, and post-shave maintenance.

HeadWipes are meant for post-shave when oil and dirt tend to accumulate as the day goes on.  Luckily, in contrast to people with hair, we can easily remedy the effects by using a convenient HeadWipe in 30 seconds or less.  Non head-shavers have to shower and wash to get their locks rid of a day’s environmental grime.  HeadWipes are all you need midday to stay clean and refreshed!

We took aloe, green tea, sea-salt, and cucumber fruit extract and infused HeadWipes with them so your scalp can be clean and fresh all day.

The new resealable package allows you to bring HeadWipes anywhere.  30 wipes per pack.