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Due to many request, we are bringing back our 2 pack of  HeadBlade Sport razors AS A 2 PACK FOR $28 + shipping and taxes.  ***This is a limited time offer***

 One for home, and one for the gym or the cottage!  

The HeadBlade Sport razor (introduced in 2006) continues the tradition of innovation in head care products. 

The original HeadBlade Classic is part of the permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, and was named by TIME magazine as one of the "Top Ten Designs" of 2000.

To take the "chore" out of shaving, the HeadBlade Sport offers: 

- a rubberized finger ring and upper pad for enhanced grip

- an ergonomic handle

- sleek two-tone black & yellow design

- quality hard rubber wheels instead of plastic, and an improved axle for better control

- uses HB3 refill blades 

***REG. $23.99 each* (plus tax and shipping) *Limited time offer*


How To: To shave with HeadBlade, slip your middle finger through the loop to the second knuckle. Make sure the back 'wheels' are always in contact with your scalp. Take long smooth strokes with no pressure on blade.


 To save you from running out of HB3 refill blades, add them to your order!