HEADBLADE 2 oz Cream Kit


This little kit consists of a total of 8 ounces of our amazing creams!  You select which of the combination kits you want:  

Cream Kit SMMG:  

Consists of 1 x 2oz HeadSlick Shave cream 2 x 2oz HeadLube Matte & 1 x 2oz HeadLube Glossy post-shave moisturizers.

Cream Kit SSMM:

Consists of 2 x 2oz HeadSlick Shave cream, 2 x 2oz HeadLube Matte post-shave moisturizers.  

Cream Kit SSGG:

Consists of 2 x 2oz HeadSlick Shave cream, 2 x 2oz, HeadLube Glossy post-shave moisturizers.

Each of these three kits come in a conveniently zippered in a lightweight carry case.  

Great value for someone who wants a bit of variety or just likes the 2 oz(59ml) sizes for travelling!  

 Reg. $15.99

(please note displayed picture may not show your selected combination, is not to scale, and is used for graphics purposes only)  A HeadBlade pen is only included while pen supplies last and no substitutions are permitted.