Over the years we've made Limited Edition models of our various razor designs. Many users request color combos based on their favorite sports' team or college.

For many years we've had customers asking us to make an orange and black HeadBlade! Why, we ask? Is it because you love Halloween, are an alumn of Syracuse, drive a Harley Davidson, or shop at Home Depot? If you said yes to any of the above, you're probably excited for our newest, and yes, brightest, HeadBlade ever! The BLAZE!!!

HeadBlade Moto razors take everything GREAT about the ATX and makes it better!! This unique design allows the razor blade to pivot up and down (following the contour of the scalp) while the body can lean side to side, just like MOTO GP racer! The dual-active suspension MOTO Razor System uses the same HB4 Refill Blade Cartridges favored by ATX users!(MOTO not eligible for any discounts)

Don't forget to get your replacement HeadBlade HB4 or HB6 refill blades with your order so that you don't run out and save on your shipping costs!

***picture is not to scale.***

***Limited quantities available for this limited edition Moto!  Get yours before they are gone***