HB3 BUNDLE of 10 Bulk Triple blade refills

$79.99 $139.90


WHAT A DEAL FOR ALL SPORT, CLASSIC and S4 ECLIPSE HeadBladers that don't care about the fancy packaging!  

This bulk bundle is for the diehard HeadBlade Sport or S4 Eclipse users!  A total of 10 sleeves of HeadBlade HB3 Triple blades.  Each sleeve has 4 individual HB3/Triple blade cartridges.  Not intended for use with the HeadBlade ATX or S4 Shark.


You get 40 HB3 cartridges in total!  

These are sold as a 10 sleeve bundle with 10 adapters, and the triple blade owner's manual.  

HeadBlade HB3 triple-bladed cartridges are made using a Micro Tilted Grinding System coated with micro thin film. 

This bundle is only only available in Canada at an incredible $99.99 Canadian on www.headblade.ca


Less packaging means less waste to the landfills also!