HB3 BUNDLE of 10 Bulk Triple blade refills

$119.99 $149.99

WHAT A DEAL FOR ALL SPORT, CLASSIC and S4 ECLIPSE HeadBladers that don't care about the fancy packaging!  

This bulk bundle is for the diehard HeadBlade Sport or S4 Eclipse users!  A total of 10 sleeves of HeadBlade HB3 Triple blades.  Each sleeve has 4 individual HB3/Triple blade cartridges.  Not intended for use with the HeadBlade ATX or S4 Shark.


You get 40 HB3 cartridges in total!  

These are sold as a 10 sleeve bundle with 10 adapters, and the triple blade owner's manual.  

HeadBlade HB3 triple-bladed cartridges are made using a Micro Tilted Grinding System coated with micro thin film. 

This bundle is only only available in Canada at an incredible price in Canadian funds only on www.headblade.ca


Less packaging means less waste to the landfills also!