Buy 6 x HB3 BULK REFILL BLADES & get a FREE SPORT razor!

$83.94 $104.93

Buy 6 x HB3 bulk refill blades & 1 x 2oz HeadLube Matte and 1 x 2oz HeadSlick shaving create in one travel bag at the regular price of $89.72 we are giving you a SPORT razor free!  

What a way to become a HeadBlader!  Yes, yes, we are throwing in a couple of HB3 adapters also.  

Now, for all seasoned HeadBladers, we treat our razors like our cars, everyone once in awhile, we are looking at a new one.  This is the perfect time to grab this deal with you love already!  

***Limited time, no substitutions***

* a HeadBlade pen (as shown in the picture) will only be added while supplies last as we have limited quantities.    

*prices do not include shipping or taxes.