HeadBlade Canada Inc. is the exclusive distributor of HeadBlade products in Canada (www.headblade.ca)

Check our page "HeadBlade Story" to read about the founder, along with how HeadBlade achieved several grooming awards.

Sales are in Canadian currency. 

Contact information: 

                            Email:                                                info@headblade.ca

                            Telephone within the GTA:               (289)981-0333

                            Toll Free within Canada:                   (855)981-0333


                            Social links -  give us a tweet!  Twitter https://twitter.com/headbladecanada


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Comments can be sent to info@headblade.ca

Order tracking requests can be emailed to sales@headblade.ca

Questions to our Chief Shaving Officer can be sent to CSO@headblade.ca

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