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Father's Day June 19th, 2016! May 28 2016, 0 Comments

WOW! What a great time of the year - the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Raptors made a valiant run, the Jays never having a dull moment, the Memorial Cup, and a whole host of other great events happening. At HeadBlade Canada, we just wanted to take a little time to remind you to put your wish list together for Fathers Day. And to help you celebrate, we've got some great specials for you.

Who wouldn't want their own SHARK? A great gift for that special man, or if you just want to upgrade from your ATX, now is the time to get your very own HeadBlade S4 Shark**! A hand-polished stainless steel beauty! But what's a Shark if it doesn't have loads of razor-sharp teeth? For a limited time when purchasing a S4 Shark razor, we're throwing in a free pack of HB6 replacement blades!  While we're at it, a bonus 5oz bottle of HeadSlick Shave Cream too. Call us crazy! 

Because Dad is such a great sport, why not reward him with another great SPORT**. The HeadBlade Sport TCG gift pack has everything he needs for a smooth, comfortable shave every time. The complete kit for the complete man. Special price for a limited time so order now for Father's Day.

Or just choose any one of our many other products and accessories to make this Fathers Day the best day of the year for Dad!

**While supplies last.  This special is available for a limited time only when ordering online at

July 2015: Ottawa News! July 16 2015, 0 Comments

Ottawa NEWS:  Thank you all for visiting HeadBlade Canada in Ottawa Saturday July 11, 2015 at the H.O.P.E. summerfest event at Mooney's Bay!  What a tremendous day!  

Introducing a new retailer coming soon:  OCE in Ottawa will be carrying select HeadBlade products starting the week of Monday July 13th, 2015.  We will keep you posted!  

Stay smooth Ottawa!

HALIFAX NEWS JUNE 2015! July 16 2015, 0 Comments

Halifax NEWS:  Sievert's is now carrying a selection of HeadBlade products in Halifax!  They are great people with great products!  

2015-05 Newsletter May - Just in time for Father's day! May 24 2015, 0 Comments

2015-03 Newsletter March March 08 2015, 0 Comments

Well, the weather isn’t getting any better and the potholes aren’t getting any smaller out there. Another typical Canuck February is behind us so it’s time to look forward to spring just around the corner.

We’d like to thank all of you for keeping us busy again this past month. A couple of us just returned from Alberta this past weekend where we helped our newest retailer launch HeadBlade products in that province. HeadBlade products are now available at “The Shaving Kit” in Calgary and Edmonton. Please visit our website under “Retailers” to find the location nearest you in these great cities. The girls at The Shaving Kit are really looking forward to meeting more of you.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting a number of you and getting to hear your HeadBlade stories. And Geoff M. looked so handsome in his new HeadBlade Pullover Hoody. If Geoff came home with an ego ;) we are sorry Mrs. M!  We’ve got a few hoodies left so grab one for yourself and you too can look awesome. Heads turn when you wear one!  We know it happens to us all the time.  If you want your stories read by other HeadBladers, please feel free to add a comment to our customer blog.  Just scroll to the bottom of the page and post away!  Thank you! 

Back by popular demand this month is one of our SHAVE & SAVE Specials. This time around, we are offering a free, yes, you heard me, FREE 5oz bottle of HeadSlick Shave Cream when you order 5 packs of refill blades (HB3, HB4, or HB6….your choice) on any single order. This offer applies to online orders only at and is for a limited time so giddyup and get your order in now before we run out. Visit the “Specials” section of our website, for more information.

We’re also glad to see that our newly imported Skullies are a big hit with you along with the ever-popular GROOMSTER MANicure sets and our HeadBlade Travel Cases to keep your HeadBlade safe and warm while travelling.

With Father’s Day coming up in a few months, or possibly your birthday, maybe it’s time to drop a not-so-subtle hint to your loved ones for the items on your HeadBlade wishlist. Now that you’re loving your ATX, maybe it’s the time to upgrade yourself to the luxurious Shark version. Or for you diehard Sport users, treat yourself by upgrading to the Eclipse. Ya, you know you deserve it! Go on son, do it!

Remember to keep an eye on the website often for any other specials we may offer or new products we introduce. As always, we welcome your calls and emails and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Until the next newsletter, be safe, be warm, and be SMOOTH!

HeadBlade Canada Team

2015-02 Newsletter February is upon us February 08 2015, 0 Comments

December and January were very busy months for us at HeadBlade Canada with the long days and nights getting all the packages out in time for Santa to be able to deliver them by Christmas Eve. The first days of January brought about a very successful show for HeadBlade Canada in getting the word out at the North American International Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto.  We’d like to thank all those that came out to meet us as well as all the new HeadBladers who were introduced to the easier HeadBlade life.
We anticipate the Canadian highways to be heavily travelled with cycles of all shapes, styles and sizes proudly displaying the HeadBlade logo on saddlebags, gastanks, and helmets due to the high demand of the complimentary HeadBlade stickers provided. Many will also be very comfortably adorning their new HeadBlade Skully under their helmets. More on the Skully later…
When we were finally able to catch our breath recently, we decided it was time to sit down and gather our thoughts for our next HeadBlade Canada newsletter. As we sat around the office prepared to put pen to paper, we took a moment to reflect on how rapidly HeadBlade Canada has expanded from only a few short months ago and how we’re truly looking forward to spreading the good news to untold numbers of new customers as well as continue the great relationships and service to the existing HeadBladers we’ve had the good fortune of dealing with.
While I sat there thinking of what content to include in this first newsletter of 2015, I couldn’t help but hear a faint, continuous thumping sound off in the distance. “What could that be?”, I thought to myself. Many possible answers swam around in my shiny, smooth bald head. Was it the mercury in the thermometer outside the window hitting the bottom of the glass? Was it the sound of the Canadian dollar hitting another weekly low or the price of a barrel of crude finding another bottom? No. Alas, it was nothing as tragic or harmful as any of those - it turned out to be the multiple thuds of the pucks hitting the back of the Leafs net, the thuds of the team stepping on the next step down of the division standings staircase, the thuds of disrobed, memory-laden jerseys landing on the cold ice from 30 rows up, and the thuds of many heavyhearted souls as they jump off that time-worn bandwagon. Apparently they have had Phaneuf and can't take it anymore. Don’t snicker Edmontonians - you too have felt the pain of a long drought. Don’t lose all hope Leafs Nation, I pretty sure the Washington Generals went YEARS before chalking up a “W” against their nightly nemesis, the Harlem Globetrotters.
Then it hit me. What better way to assist these dejected disciples of doom than to welcome them with open arms to HeadBlade. We have therefore decided to highlight this month a few of our popular products that they, as well as most others across this frozen Great White North, could benefit from.
Now that the jerseys have been jettisoned, it’s a bitter and cold shuffle back up Yonge Street. We would recommend donning one of our popular Signature Series Hoodies. Now you don't need to be embarrassed when wearing one around town or to the game. Wear it proudly, Baldy! They come in either a pullover or zipper version. We have lowered the financial outlay to a ridiculous $39.99 for a limited time. Seriously? - That's a phenomenal 20% off an already great price. My kids pay double that for a hoody half as good. Stock is limited so please order early to ensure your size is available.  
Now, back to the Skully. I love mine. I wear it every day wherever I go. It covers the ears nicely and keeps the frost off my dome. But not only it is a forward fashion statement, it serves a great year-round purpose too. The HeadBlade Skully is versatile to wear under your bike helmet, hard hat, hockey helmet, snowmobile brain-bucket, or if you just want to be the coolest lookin’ dude in the crowd. Comes in black or white and, you guessed it, supplies are limited. One size fits all.
Lastly, as we head into the peak travel season over the next few months, we want to bring to your attention many of our HeadBlade travel products:
*To keep your HeadBlade razor safe from harm as you travel, protect it as you would a child by  transporting it in it's own HeadBlade Travel Shell. Enough room for your razor and an extra blade or two. With every Travel Shell purchased, we’ll throw in  couple travel size (5ml) HeadSlick Shave Cream to keep you nice and smooth while away. They fit nicely in the interior mesh pocket. 
*Pack your compact and complete HeadBlade GROOMSTER manicure kit. $19.99...are you kidding me?? Gimme another for my brother at that price.
*2oz Cream Kits - Awesome for Travel. 2oz bottles are the perfect size for travelling. More than enough to last the trip and yet small enough to legally take in your airline carry on. We’ve got the Matte kit (includes 2x2oz HeadLube Matte moisturizer AND 2x2oz HeadSlick Shaving Cream) or for those who prefer more of a glowing complexion, the Glossy kit (includes 2x2oz HeadLube Glossy moisturizer AND 2x2oz HeadSlick Shave Cream).  
***One last note. We’ve had very high demand from our female fans - yup, that's right guys, your wives and girlfriends are using HeadBlade. The ATX is the razor or choice for the legs. How do we know? Because they're telling us they're trying yours after you leave for work. Don't believe us? Ask her. Anyways, we just sold our last ATX Pink version from our inventory tonight but we will be ordering more. If you don't want her using yours anymore, order her an ATX Pink of her own. Send us an email to pre-order and we'll set one aside when they arrive, email you and then you can place the order online.